Campbellton Neighbourhood Association

The Campbellton Neighbourhood Association is a non-profit society, incorporated in 2014, began in 2011, consisting of business owners and citizens who are very interested in improving the Campbellton area for both businesses and residents. Some of us both live and work in the area; all of us are interested in making Campbellton an area that is a supportive, productive and beautiful place to work and live. But the CNA is not able to obtain their objectives without a lot of dedicated volunteers.

Volunteers offer their time or funds, and in some cases both, to advance projects that they consider important for everyone. There is no charge to the organization they are volunteering to help as, for most volunteers, they view it as a way of saying thank you and paying it forward.

Personally, when I was working full time and my children were young, I did not have much time to volunteer for things I consider important. So at that time, my way of contributing was to become a monthly donor for organizations I believe in. Signing petitions was another way I was able to contribute without making demands on my precious time.

As my children grew, I had more time to devote to volunteering and so I started to become more actively involved. When I developed multiple chemical sensitivity while living in Edmonton, AB, I found that becoming involved with community gardens provided exercise, socializing, and an inexpensive way to improve my standard of living by reducing my food costs and improving the quality of food I was consuming. This also improved my health.

The Campbellton Neighbourhood Association provides myself with an opportunity to pay it forward and be involved with community gardening. All of us contribute in the way we are able to and all contributions are appreciated and needed if advancements are to continue. Whether a person contributes funds or time, each is of equal importance.

The CNA has approved Phase 2 of the Campbellton Community Garden and will begin construction in the spring of 2016. The old swing set is being removed in the next couple of weeks and a new set will be installed in the spring.

This has only been achievable due to dedication and hard work. We will be looking for volunteers of both materials and time to complete this phase of the project. Anyone who is able to provide donations of funds, materials or time, please contact Brian Shaw at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 250-287-9907.