Crocuses in Campbellton

CrocusesCrocuses in Campbellton
by Ann Hazlett

What an awesome place Campbell River is!  It’s the middle of February and crocuses are blooming.  The best part is, they aren’t poking through any snow.  We are fortunate enough that our winter has been mild this year.  We’ve had little snow and not many days, or nights, that have been below zero.  We’ve experienced enough rain to raise the water levels but there has also been a nice mix of sunny and overcast days for a nice, dry break.  Green grass is a common sight in this area during winter and greatly appreciated by the residents.

The kale I left in my garden bed last fall is looking healthy and ready to start harvesting.  It looks like I won’t need to plant any this year.  But I need to find out from one of our gardening pros if that’s the best thing to do or not.

The chives and thyme that are coming up will be transplanted into the new bed that is going to be made into a community herb garden for all of the gardeners to share.  One of the other new beds will be donated for the CR Food Bank to grow fresh vegetables for their patrons.  Volunteers will look after this bed for the food bank and I am confident it will be appreciated by the recipients.

The kale seeds were given to me by an avid seed saver and advocate for saving and sharing seeds and seedlings, Lance Klaasen.  Mr. Klaasen does not have a plot at the Campbellton Community Garden but he is one of our supporters and volunteers.  He is currently building mason bees houses to be installed at our garden for people friendly pollinating of our plots.  It takes time, but with dedicated volunteers, the Campbellton Community Garden will be a wonderful place for the neighbourhood.

If anyone is looking for a garden plot to rent, the Laughing Willow Community Garden has 3 plots available and the Campbellton Community Garden will have 8 available after our expansion is completed this spring.  For information on the Laughing Willow plots, contact Greenways Land Trust, 991 Alder Street 250-287-3785 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  To reserve a plot in the Campbellton Community Garden expansion, contact Ann Hazlett 778-346-0057 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  To volunteer materials, labour, or funds for the Campbellton expansion, contact Brian Shaw This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

An interest in growing organic appears to be increasing as evidenced by the attendance February 15th at the How to Start a Community Garden information session held at the Community Centre and organized by Linda Nagle, Parks and Special Events Program Coordinator.  Approximately 25 people attended and the questions they asked were indicative of this growing interest.  We are fortunate enough in this area to have a City Council that is supportive of this trend that may prove to be a necessity if our economy doesn’t improve.