Community Garden

Campbellton community garden build

We need as many volunteers as possible to assist with building 21 new garden beds at the Campbellton Community Garden located at 1741 15th Avenue, Campbell River on May 14, 2016 beginning at 8 am.  In addition to building the new beds, one of which is being donated to the CR Food Bank for their use and one which will be used for a community herb bed, we will be moving and extending the deer fence.

Anyone interested in making a financial contribution to the project can contact Brian Shaw This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Ann Hazlett This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


We are very grateful to the people and organizations that assisted with installing the water lines and outer deer fence on March 26, 2016.  C & L Supply donated their trench digger and Shar-Kare provided a discount on the fence supplies.  Judy and Mike Miller were kind enough to purchase and donate the water line supplies and labour was kindly provided by Brian Shaw, Judy Miller, Ross Sharp, Lance Klassen, Borden & Ann Hazlett, Landon Stubberfield, Dwayne & Danwon Whyte.  The many hands made it possible to complete the work faster.


We look forward to seeing as many volunteers as possible.  We will be handing out the keys to the new garden members who have paid their fees during construction and they will be able to choose the location of their bed.  The other members will be able to make payment as well as recieve their keys during this period as well.


Community Garden

Campbell River Council is embarking on a “Green City Strategy”

& Agriculture Plan that encourages local food growing projects!

In association with that, the Campbellton Neighbourhood Association is looking for community feedback for the proposed development of a Community Garden at Campbellton Park on the 1700 Block of 15th Ave.

There already is avid interest in our Village to develop a Community Garden with more than 30 people attending a recent community information meeting at Ryan's Pizza dining room in the Bowling Alley nearby to the proposed site.

This letter to you is to enquire if you are supportive of including a Community Garden in the Campbellton Neighbourhood at the 15th Avenue location.

The current playground will not be affected and about half of the green space would remain as an open area. It will closely resemble the successful Laughing Willow Community Garden on Simms Road.

Please let me know your thoughts whether:

  • you would like to help create the garden
  • you would like to have a plot in the garden
  • you support the community garden idea
  • or you have any concerns.

The Campbellton Neighbourhood Association believes the Community Garden would be a great opportunity to strengthen relationships in the neighbourhood as well as add an attractive and useful amenity.

Thank you for your interest and please let us hear from you!

250 287 8807

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Brian Shaw


Campbellton Neighbourhood Association